Through WCCUSD’s Ivy League Connection program, Hercules High School Students Justine Betschart, Stacy Chan, Ramiah Davis-Shephard, Louisa Man, Julia Maniquiz, and Yueming Wang will be attending Cornell University to either study Freedom and Justice or Hotel Operations Management during the summer of 2009.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1

Today, the Hotelies started off on the right foot. We woke up early in order to avoid the panic stage or the sense of urgency. Right before we headed to the dining hall to talk over breakfast, the three of us met with three other unfamiliar faces who also were enrolled in the Hotel Operations Management course. While one came from overseas (from Shanghai), another was from Boston, and the other was from Cypress.

Following breakfast, the expanding group walked over to the Statler Hotel where our class was located. Seated alphabetically, all the students were broken up into two groups: group A and group B. After a nice cordial introduction, I, along with other pupils, went to the computer lab, where we had to take a survey to find out what type of person we are. The results?! My behavior style was Analyzer-Stabilizer, and my secondary behavior style was Analyzer-Persuader. The survey indicated that I had characteristics of a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, as well as one who relish working in a harmonious ambiance. The next assignment on the agenda was to create our own version or idea of what a business memo is.

Next, we went back to the main classroom, where we had to interview another student. Inquiries related to location, interests, and favorite hospitality experience were among some of the questions being exchanged. From that exercise, I was able to network with another new student who was highly interested in learning more about the ILC.

After that, both groups gathered up, and we were lectured by Professors Reneta and Mark McCarthy respectively. First of all, I must say that Ms. McCarthy was incredibly inviting, while Mr. McCarthy was full of humor and wit. At lecture time, I learned about different avenues of reservations, support services, and advertising. Additionally, I learned about the three keys for success in terms of hotel. Those items were brand, management, and real estate. Like with any other type of business, there must be a form of strong management and judgment in order for the company or corporation to burgeon.

After the first day, I now have a better sense of what a business class entails. So far, I am enjoying the ride, and I cannot wait to learn more about the hospitality industry, as well as the historical information of major hotels and chains.

Post-lunch, the group headed to the bookstore, and en route there, I took some pictures, hopefully, capturing the essence and the beauty of Cornell University.
By the looks of it, everyone are all focused and determined to work hard and to do well in this course. I can only say that I have my eyes on the prize.

Tomorrow, I will update you on what happened during office hours (which will happen this evening) as well as information about the handful of teaching assistants available on campus to guide us.

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  1. Stacy,

    I'm glad they broke you all up in the classroom. One of the greatest benefits of these experiences is surrounding yourself with people from different parts of the world with ideas differing from your own. Familiarity dictates that the three cohorts from Hercules spend all of their time together and this would negate many of the things we sent you east to experience.

    I've read several of the comments about this survey you all took. I'd be very curious to see where I might fit in. I'm guessing that they might have to create a new model to address what they might find with me: Malcontent/Rabble Rouser or maybe Know It All/Loner. In any case, I'm not sure I'd fully appreciate whatever tag they throw at me.

    I know that before you all get home you're going to hate seeing this in my posts but I sure do like the photos you've been posting.