Through WCCUSD’s Ivy League Connection program, Hercules High School Students Justine Betschart, Stacy Chan, Ramiah Davis-Shephard, Louisa Man, Julia Maniquiz, and Yueming Wang will be attending Cornell University to either study Freedom and Justice or Hotel Operations Management during the summer of 2009.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prelim and Premium Ice Cream

Morning seemed to have come a little bit too early today. I am rather humiliated to admit that I was late for class today. Thankfully I was only about a minute late and did not miss any information. I was, however, too embarrassed to walk to my regular seat in the front of the class. I simply sat in the back of the room, but in the end everything was fine.
It was very nice to see Mrs. Kronenberg today. It is always nice to see her. Unfortunately our visit was cut short because we had to run along to discussion. We finished up Locke and preparation for the preliminary test we have tomorrow. Although we also have a lecture tomorrow on new readings, Professor Kramnick instructed us to spend our time studying, rather than reading. He told us that we can read over the weekend. (It is really rather obvious that he is accustomed to dealing with nervous college students.)
As always on Tuesdays we had a guest lecturer today. This gentleman, Mr. AlanMittman, is a lawyer who once represented Häagen·Dazs in a court case. The man who invented this ice cream was upset when the people who distributed his product came up with a competing brand. His only concern was how similarly the two products were packaged. The name of the second was Frusen Glädjè. The judge ruled so everyone got something. Frusen Glädjè had to change their packaging, but not their name. In the end, however, Häagen·Dazs has outlasted Frusen Glädjè significantly.
I studied for the first time in a “Harry Potter room” today. I was in Uris Library which is very close to our lecture hall. I really wish I could post pictures because the room was amazing. “Harry Potter” is definitely the best way to describe them.
Julia, Justine, and I also studied together after dinner. I really hope that we all do well on the exam tomorrow.



  1. I am glad that you visited a different library on campus and saw what Cornell has to offer. I do hope that you will explore additional buildings while you are on campus. I want to make sure that you learn as much about Cornell while you are there.

    Go and meet some of the Cornell students. Remember when we all had breakfast at the Statler and spoke to the Hotel School Student. She gave valuable insight to the group. Now is your chance to seek out other students and have them give you their perspective of attending this prestigious school.

    Take the opportunity to do a campus tour at Cornell. Just as you did at The University of Rochester, take the time to learn about all that Cornell has to offer.

    The ILC sponsors and supporters want more analysis on how your class compares with a humanities class at Hercules High School. Does the rigor at Hercules High School compare to the rigor at Cornell? Do you feel as prepared as students from other private high schools?

    How have you grown as a young person while at Cornell? What do you know about yourself? How you handle stress? What will you do to tell our students at Hercules High School that they have to demand more from our staff and that they have to expect more out of themselves. So, yes it is important to know what happened during the day, but I want to read about your OPINION on how we need to improve as a district.

    I already know about John Locke and Karl Marx and I want you to know them to, but I also want to find out what needs to happen to become a more polished district.

    Thanks again.

    Charles T. Ramsey, Esq.
    School Board Member
    West Contra Costa
    Unified School District

  2. Ramiah,

    Mr. Ramsey makes some good points. We crave more balance in your descriptions. We're junkies for information (as if the 25 blogs each day that we're reading isn't already enough).

    Your descriptions are of great interest to us, Ramiah, but so are your opinions. Tell us what you THINK.

    We've been reading your writing for some time now and when you offer commentary it allows us to see your growth as well as get a better feel for what it is you're going through.

    Sounds like the new library setting is great but for those of us who may not have seen the HP movies or read his books (too busy with blogs, I guess) we're left guessing what the comparison is all about. Are you suggesting that their are witches and goblins hanging out in the stacks or maybe just a bunch of teenaged English boarding school students? Help us out here.