Through WCCUSD’s Ivy League Connection program, Hercules High School Students Justine Betschart, Stacy Chan, Ramiah Davis-Shephard, Louisa Man, Julia Maniquiz, and Yueming Wang will be attending Cornell University to either study Freedom and Justice or Hotel Operations Management during the summer of 2009.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Technology on every corner

For today's agenda, Mr. McCarthy took over the reins. He started off the class with an introduction to Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. In the Hotel Operations Management course, technology seemed to be the dominating tool used within the classroom.

Through Powerpoint, Mr. McCarthy informed us a list of significant points to keep in mind in a professional or business setting, yet they also proved to be worthwhile in people's daily lives. Amongst these key items included the need of being efficient and effective. Above all, a form of standardization must be implemented. Standardization was deemed a broad term because it could range from small to large, depending on people's expectations.

After that, group A and group B dispersed in different directions. Group A (I'm a member!) stayed in the main classroom, so Ms. McCarthy could lecture us on the incoming project: the CHESS Simulation. A computerized simulation, CHESS could provide students the chance to practice the principles of maximizing or yielding profit, applying them to the exercise. One of the main purpose of this project in my eyes was to teach students how to be good-decision makers--whether it is in business or in personal life--in a competitive and fast-paced environment.

Also, we had the chance to meet Kate Bronfenbrenner, the Director of Labor Education Research. Working at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, she had been increasingly active in terms of working with unions. It was refreshing to greet her.

Oh by the way, I was incredibly industrious, hence my completion of my homework assignments. I was able to get through all my homework for the day, while I was at the mandatory study hours session. Think of it this was more like study hall, an excellent chance for driven students to work (plus, teacher assistants were right there if anyone needed any assistance).


  1. Stacy,

    You're only adding to what some of your other classmates are telling us in that if we send cohorts to the HM class next year we need to make sure they're pros at the latest version of Office and we may even need to make sure they have that software on their own computers. Many times we get by with older versions as long as they continue to do the job for us all the while saving a few bucks. The Office Suite is not cheap and right now it's maybe two years away from another upgrade so it's easy for us to justify in our own minds holding off on the upgrade. Most of us don't have a lot of extra money floating around so we make do with what we have but in this case it seems as though it's hurt us. We need to make sure we don't repeat this error.

    From the rest of your comments it seems as though you're one of "those" people who actually studies when they're supposed to and, as a result, the rest of your day belongs to you. I always tried it the other way around and spent my time living my life and waiting until the last minute--and I DO mean the last minute--before doing my assignments and studying. In retrospect, Stacy, it's clear that your way is the right way. I may have gotten by but that was stupid of me.

    Nice photo--who snapped the shot for you?

  2. Our friend, Elyssia, snapped the shot.