Through WCCUSD’s Ivy League Connection program, Hercules High School Students Justine Betschart, Stacy Chan, Ramiah Davis-Shephard, Louisa Man, Julia Maniquiz, and Yueming Wang will be attending Cornell University to either study Freedom and Justice or Hotel Operations Management during the summer of 2009.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Uneventful July 4

Today I was able to make up for the much needed sleep I was deprived of. We planned to go to brunch at Appel at around 11:30, so I set my alarm at 9:55 to leave me a lot of time to shower and get ready. I am a slow person in the morning so I need as much time as I can get. Unfortunately, I woke up late, about 45 minutes late, and I ran and rushed to get everything done. When I went downstairs, no one was down there, so I texted Ramiah and Justine, and they informed me that the time to meet was moved to 12:00PM. I had rushed for nothing.

After brunch, we headed for the carnival arranged by the residence hall RCA's. It was somewhat of a disappointment. When I hear carnival, I imagined in my head fun on a grand and large scale. The carnival turned out to be about five different small activities which included a jumper, a slide, sumo suits, and other activities I do not remember the name of. I was at least able to receive free cotton candy and popcorn. Treats like that never fail to put a smile on my face. Maybe carnivals here are actually like the way it was. Maybe my expectations were just too high. I can't help but think I just have a California mindset where every event amazes me.

I normally spend the Fourth of July with my family. We always have a barbeque in my backyard. Afterwards, we would go out to the Hercules waterfront and watch the fireworks. Being so close to the fireworks is inexplicable. It really gives on a show. This is my first time I was not able to celebrate this national holiday with them, but my homesickness is not consuming me. When I spoke with my mother earlier this week, she told me that they would be no barbeque this July 4 because my aunties, uncles, and counsins are busy. Therefore, I did not feel as if I was missing out on much. I was having the same amount of "fun" they were having.

To answer the question about my family, I call them on a regular basis just to let them know how I am doing, and they seem to be managing fine. Being at Cornell does not only prepare me for college, but also prepares them for me going off to college. I have no guarantee of whether I will be home for college or go away, so letting me go for three weeks will help them learn about any difficulties that come with my departure for college. Everything at home though is fine. Sure, my sister has some extra babysitting to do and there are a lot of more chores that my mother and my sisters have to do on my behalf, but that is about it. You have to think about it though, at least I am not at home using the electricity and using all the water for my showers. This saves some money, and I think my mother would like that. =)


P.S. NetPrint is very easy, no hassle at all. When I set up my account, an automatic $20.00 is already loaded onto it. For hotel management, there aren't that many assignment that we have to print, so I have not used up the $20.00 yet. It is only about $0.08 per page, so I do not think it is that bad. When you want to print something, a small screen pops up and asks for your Netid and password, so it can charge your account. After that, the page prints. Easy as pie.


  1. Louisa,

    Thanks for the 411 on NetPrint. That will help us in the future.

    Sorry about your failed expectations about the carnival. I hope you understand that this was just something put on by your RCA’s for your benefit. As such you have to understand that it would be a low key affair. If it had been a full blown out carnival, you also would have been charged for anything and everything—even that popcorn and cotton candy that put a smile on your face.

    It’s natural that their would be a little separation anxiety on both your part and your family’s but that’s to be expected, isn’t it? Sooner or later you’ll probably leave the nest to start a life of your own so this is just a precursor for both sides.

  2. Thanks Louisa for answering my questions. In your responses it is clear that you have some additional exploration to do in finding out where you want to go to college next year.

    I wish you luck in your journey. Your posts have an undercurrent of being homesick as well as wanting to be close to your mom and sisters. So, I am glad that you had this experience because it has given you a better sense of who you are and what you ultimately want for your future.

    Remember graduating from High School means the start of your adult life. This is a big transition and no matter how close you are to your family you are essentially on your own. So I hope that this being a part of the Ivy League Connection has made a difference.

    Take care and enjoy your day.

    Charles T. Ramsey

  3. Mr Ramsey,

    This experience surely has made a difference. I have been able to try things that I would never think I would until I do get into college. It also has helped me narrow down what I want in a college, which will help me on my college search in the long run. Now that my stay at Cornell is nearly coming to a close, my appreciation for being here and participating in the program has increased a hundred fold. Thank you for allowing me to expand my college scope and attain a college experience that I will always remember.